Saturday, January 2, 2010

Another beginning with a new zeal to write...m back...

Its been six months dat i havn't posted anything on my blog...But today when i rose up in the morning something, don't know what but there was something that prompted me to write. It may be more chill in the air of Delhi or is it my new year resolution, resolution to write frequently for my blog or what i don't know....But yes i feel i am back to my world of writing.....

One thing I missed today is the sunshine and dat again prompted me to sing the famous song frm 3 idiots which is rocking the world these days
Give me some sunshine,
give me some rain,
give me another chance I wanna grow up once again....
na na na na na na and dat made me go back to my school days at Assam Rifles Public School in Shillong where we always felt dat chill in d air with rains throughout the year which just reminded me how we used to get excited when a lonnnnnng..... bell rang for sunshine holiday....yes sunshine holiday!!!

Thinking that, my heart saddened again as only one day of holiday is left after all those festivities and excitement of new year.....But i know i don't have to worry and nobody has to.... as Delhi is aways alive whether it is summer or winter........, there is a lot of more excitement to come...Lets hope for d best in d coming year...bon voyage!!

Purnima Samant


  1. Hey that is right, I too remember the shunshine holdiday we use to receive. It was a normal and casual experience for me but excitment for the people of Delhi, when I tell them about Shine shine Holiday.

    Cause the difference can be felt when you take the journey and thanks a billion to God who gave me that opportunity.

    Let the sun Shine..

  2. hmmm thapliyal i just miss days when we wanted to wear only shirts(with pants).....

  3. got some sunshine that's your post is on your blog....keep it up.....