Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lets vote to bring change in our lives.......

Election is round the corner and everyone is curious to know which coalition is going to form the government this time. One thing that is in much discussion nowadays is the dynastical politics. The future of India seems to be revolving around this dynastical politics. It seems to be a dominating feature in India. It’s been 37 out of 53 years of India as an independent state that Nehruvian family still seems to be in the limelight in politics. It seems India has become immune to dynastical politics. Why take only Nehruvian family, there are numerous families in India like Abdullahs, Scindias, Devegowdas and the list goes on. It seems you are always at an advantageous position if you belong to a particular eminent political family and it becomes easy for you to enter the world of politics. What about people like us who would ever want to enter politics in their life. I feel it would be a very arduous task for us and we have to think hundred times before we even would think about entering politics where money and power only seems to have its say.
The participation of youth politicians also seems to be major hullabaloo this time. But all youth politicians who are in the election battleground seem to be very inexperienced and have someone or other over them as they belong to political families. The example of Rahul Gandhi at one side who is too very na├»ve to run the nation, at the other hand Varun Gandhi who is made the hero for delivering hate speech and is being pulled into one or the other controversy. I don’t think a well educated person who can think well can ever deliver a hate speech like which would communalise our nation and drag the nation to violence again. He is being made the scapegoat and is being guided by somebody over all this. I don’t think such a person deserves to be a leader in anyway. How can we even think of bringing such people to the government? If we keep on giving importance to kith and kins of so called eminent political families then the day is not very away when India will be victimized again and again. Violence will be in the air, there will be more and more terrorist attacks and India will not be able to sustain itself on the way of its development.
Youth denotes change and always looks forward to bring about change in this world. So why vote for a particular party, religion or community? Lets vote for a cause, a cause to bring a change in our lives…….

Peace of mind

I keep thinking why is this life so complicated.
Sometimes we feel elated and in other times very low,
It brings struggle with every moment's blow.
When will we get that peace of mind,
for which everyone strives to make life sound.
sometimes getting peace of mind seems to be inevitable,
then why we struggle to make it credible.
Oh! there I see a lad with tattered clothes,
with smile which I wish never fades.
He is happy in his own world,
very unaware about this dirty world.
Dirty world i mean here is the world of corruption, crime and politics....
To secure their votebank, politicians apply manier tactics,
they communalise the society and instigate the brothers to spread hatred among themselves.....
Sometimes i feel,
Why is the world so mean,
for one's own gain ready to cut anyone's vein..
The limit gets crossed when a man when ignored by wife,
in order to have dirty pleasure in his life,
kills her and fulfills his lust with her numb body.
Oh god, what kind of world are we living in?
where there is no one to see all these sins,
The rich is becoming richer and the poor, poorer.
On one side i see an eminent buisness tycoon gifting his wife a hefty aircraft
and there i see a poor person dying struggling the chilling cold.
My inner voice keeps asking,
Is this the world which is worth living,
where there is hatred all around.
It always compels me to ask a question to myself and to someone there,
somewhere there in the sky........Will i ever get that peace of mind?