Saturday, May 9, 2009


Mum is a word for care,
Whose love is always fair,
She cheers us whenever we excel.
She gives us the support when we fall,
She bring us the soft cozy feelings,
whenever we feel lethargic,
She is the calmness,
whose one hug relieves us from all tensions.
She sacrifices everything in her life
For the sake of of her child’s well being.
She is a friend for life, a friend
who understands everything without saying anything.
I may not be able to express, express my feelings for her,
But she understands everything,
because she is my MOM.


  1. wow!
    sorry, coz i hv no right to say amazing.. coz MOM...
    beautiful feelings specially in very beatiful poetry...

  2. i can not say about any thing about mom b'coz
    i do not have the words to express for such a gift which is given by the god. sorry for me mom is my god nd i think the article is fantastic which rememered me my those days when i used to be with her still i am with her but now i respect her.........very nice article no doubt about it...........

  3. Best gift any Mom can ever have.. It's a very sweet poem.. And I am sure when you have shown it to your mom, she had given U lots of jadoo ki jappis n pappis.
    Wish you always have the pleasure to celebrate Mother's Day with your Mom with lots of Love and care.