Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Remembering the martyrs on Republic Day

Kadam kadam badhaye ja, khushi ke geet gaye ja,
Yeh zindagi hai qaum ki, tu kaum pe lutaye ja......

It was another special day today not because it was a holiday but because it was Republic Day.You read this article further and you may feel I am crazy but that is how I am.There is something which makes me happy every Republic Day. It gives me extreme pride to watch the republic day parade and see defence personnel receiving their gallantary awards and seeing that a stream of enthusiasm runs down my blood not only because my grandfather was awarded with it twice but i feel privileged to be belonging to such a family where country is given more preference than family.
It is very unusual thing to say in this world of bigotry. It just seems that people have forgotten rendering selfless service to others like a mother does for her child. People may think I am talking something too impractical.But today when I saw Major D Sreeram Kumar recieve Ashok Chakra  and Major Mohit Sharma and Havildar Rajesh kumar recieving the highest gallantry award posthumously, their widows receiving it, I just wondered for how many days will we remember their names. Infact I feel some would not even have cared to listen to their names and be thankful to them for giving us a peaceful life when they were much required by their own families. Being from a defence background I can very much understand how a family feels when one loses one's husband, son, father and brother for one's nation.
But yes, my mind is all set to go ahead with the same zeal and enthusiasm that my grandpa had years back to kill the enemies during world war II.That would not be to kill my enemies ofcourse! .. That enthusiasm would be to contribute in any small possible way I can for my country and i m striving hard to do it........Jai Hind!!!!

Purnima Samant


  1. Hmmm... So finally something from the writer's mind is on the blog. Well, I too salute the National Heroes, not just because they are fighting for us, but because I could sleep peacefully yesterday night. Every time I go to my bed they say it in their never said words, nothing will happen to you my son until we are guarding our Frontiers.

    I am not saying this cause I am also from a defense background, but atleast our Army Men and Women who are standing for us get their share of love and respect. Not just because they want is but they truly deserve it.

    And yes What we can do is do the best in our respective fields cause that will be a true contribution towards our nation and their sacrifice made by our heroes is not lost in the Vain...

    Happy reading:)

  2. hmmm....now if say i m surprised i wud be lying...we all knw (though may not totally undrestand), hw mch u and ur family really love thy country...

    your feelings are true and words equally beautiful...yes the republic parade fills us with a certain pride and sense o' duty...the tales of the brave, still make me have goosebumps...yes, u r rite..we may forget their names in a month or 2 (earlier if u don't have a photographic memory as me)...but their live, unnamed in our heart in the feeling that we are safe...hats off to them..
    now on ur writing...one word will suffice...u-r-a-hell-of-a-writer...

  3. ya.it is true.....how much we love our country we know......we spend holyday that day....do nathing.and rest of the year we do all the things which is shameful act.......but despite that we love country.but i respect ur feelings......we.there good and bad giys are every where...and u know thie create thae faith..........

  4. nice one...it was my pleasure to read it.. keep going... jai hind...

  5. gud thoughts purnima
    yes you r rt, most of us prefer a comfortable life and give more importance to our family than our country and all the talks abt petroitism ,honesty,cooperation are considered to b out of fashion.we think that v r safe just because of our own efforts ,house and family.we forget abt those jawans who are spending sleepless and unsafe nights to protect us.we all should b thankful to our jawans for their sacrifices and should celebrate the national festivals not just as a holiday but as a day to respect our freedom fighter and defence forces.
    Purni ur artical has made me (a peson who seldom writes)write for my country ....that means ur writing is effective...
    well done

  6. Its an excellent one.... Its my immense pleasure to read nd knw tht sm1 is thr who cn writ a BUTful articl on MY sorry OUR INDIA....
    I m very proud to be an INDIAN.....
    !!!!Jai Hind!!!!
    !!!!!Jai Bharat!!!!!

  7. Alas!! I think..its extremely late to comment over here...but at the same time, when it comes to the particular topic...i think its relevant even today...rather any time through out the year...
    Wonderful feelings...and it definitely makes someone proud to sacrifice for country in either ways...
    Jai Hind!!

    Alok Sahil